Mommy Nearest

What They Do
Mommy Nearest is a mobile community for parents and caregivers. They offer reviews and specifications for the best places to take children. Mommy Nearest boasts over 150,000 users and provides unique content and geography-based, word-of-mouth recommendations. Then, they add a parenting magazine to the mix and you have a potent helping hand for any parent or guardian who’s on the go. Think of Mommy Nearest as Yelp meets Parenting magazine.

Funding Rounds
March 20, 2015
$1 million

January 23, 2015
$1.5 million

February 1, 2012

Why We Like Their Name
Mommy Nearest plays off the term, Mommy Dearest. You get a good idea about what the company does, which is always a good thing for a name, and they didn’t have to break the bank in getting their domain.


What They Do
Have you ever had a problem trying to find someone to look after your four-legged friend? You won’t anymore. connects dog owners nationwide with dog lovers for hire. It’s a network that makes it easy for dog owners to reach dog sitters who offer in-home boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, and day care. Their sitters have a wide coverage (more than 92 percent of the United States population lives within a short drive of a Rover sitter) and each one gets graded on a five-star system.

Funding Rounds
March 19, 2015
$25 million

November 4, 2014
Undisclosed amount (but it included Petco)

March 12, 2014
$12 million

July 30, 2013
$3.5 million

April 9, 2012
$3.4 million

Why We Like Their Name
This name cost this company some money, but it was probably less than six-figures. When we saw it, we thought that they must do something with dogs, and they do. A good name should always hint at what your company’s about.

What They Do
Joyable provides an effective and affordable online solution for overcoming social anxiety. They use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that’s proven to reduce social anxiety. And since they’re an online company, they offer this service in a convenient and private setting. Joyable’s technology makes it easy for you to get started, and their coaches ensure that their clients succeed. Anyone is able to enjoy social gatherings with Joyable.

Funding Rounds
March 18, 2015
$2.1 million

Why We Like Their Name
We are a fan of adding endings like “able,” “ly,” and “sy” to a common word. Often, you’ll can get an easy to pronounce, short name that doesn’t cost a fortune—just like this name.


What They Do
Pager reinvents the traditional doctor’s house call by creating a location-based mobile marketplace. Users can save time finding a doctor, waiting for a scheduled appointment, and avoiding emergency rooms. Doctors on the Pager network treat a wide variety of primary and urgent care issues, all in the patient’s home, office, or hotel. Currently, Pager services the Manhattan area, but they have plans to expand.

Funding Rounds
March 10, 2015
$10.4 million

May, 2014
$4.5 million

Why We Like Their Name
This is an example of the simpler something a domain is, the better. is an upgrade from and they purchased it for $45,000. There may not be a better name for a company that offer house calls from doctors—mostly because doctors are the only people who still use pagers. Pager is short, sweet, and very memorable.


What They Do
Do keeps production meetings on task. It gives you the tools to make sure things get done and that decisions are clear. With Do, you can see what the entire team has going on with meetings, participants and any pertinent info at every team member’s fingertips. Stop sending emails back and forth. Start storing all your notes, presentations, documents, and other collateral in one central location. Don’t try—Do.

Funding Rounds
March 10, 2015
$2 million

October 31, 2013
Undisclosed amount

Why We Like Their Name
It doesn’t get much more premium than a two letter domain that spells a word. Do is at least a mid-seven figure domain in today’s market, but whatever they paid for the domain worked. They wanted to make a statement and they did with this name.


What They Do
Join’em combines a couple of concepts together: buying in bulk and an online market. Buying something like a stroller in bulk—let’s say 20 of them—is problematic because you probably don’t need more than one, but allows bargain shoppers to join forces and complete a large bulk order for things that aren’t usually bought in bulk, resulting in crazy low prices. The interface works similar to E-Bay and when the order gets complete, Join ‘em then ships the product to each participant. I guess if you can’t beat the price, Join ‘em.

Funding Rounds
March 10, 2015
$5 million

Why We Like Their Name
Join ‘em plays off an old saying, which can be a good thing and is in this case, and the fun name implies community and a friendly atmosphere. The name also works with their business model, and best of all, they probably didn’t have to break the bank to acquire this domain.

Startups usually ask themselves this question early in their naming process: should they decide on a company name and then look for a domain to match, or should they find a domain they can purchase and then base their company name on their domain name?

With so much business being conducted online, it’s actually easier to base a brandable company name around a domain name than the other way around. In fact, older, established companies can have a hard time fitting domain names to their business.

If you’re a startup company, you don’t have to worry about matching a domain to your company. Find a domain you can acquire and then base a brandable company name from that. But beware of any trademark or copyright infringements. Check to see if your name can be linked to another business—just because you’ve never heard of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist—by using the following link:

You should also search against your perspective name on Google and see what results you get. These results will give you an idea of how many other domains have similar naming conventions and topics, and how difficult it will be for your new site to rank in Google.

Like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, you should be shooting for a .com. Yes, you can acquire a .biz, .org, .net, .info, and the list of web extensions goes on, but the king of all website extensions is .com. If you don’t have a .com, you don’t have the name, but you most likely won’t be able to hand register a .com. This is where MediaPlow can help.

If you’re looking for some creative business name ideas, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

Find My Audience

What They Do

Find My Audience empowers their users with a dashboard that makes social media and search engine optimization easy. Founded by writers who are also technology entrepreneurs, Find My Audience is uniquely qualified to aid authors and publishers, but they have plans to include musicians, filmmakers and artisans.

Funding Rounds

March 5, 2015

$1.4 million

February 2, 2015


October 10, 2014


Why We Like Their Name

Find My Audience does exactly what their name says; they find you an audience. This name also shows that you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to getting a name. It’s easy to remember, consists of only three words and reminds me of the retargeting company,


What They Do

Pressly does what it name suggests. When you think “press,” you think content. Pressly gathers content that’s perfect for your audience. You’ll find all the content you need at their hub. Establish your brand with this cutting edge, online platform.

Funding Rounds

March 4, 2015

$2.1 million

March 12, 2013

$1.5 million

Why We Like Their Name

We really like adding “ly” endings to names. With so many words gobbled up by companies, you need something short and sweet that you can add, which also lets your audience know what you do for business.


What They Do

The perfect socks create the best stance, and makes outstanding socks with the best fit and performance, built from the highest quality materials. They blend creativity and function with each pair of stellar socks.

Funding Rounds

March 5, 2015

$50 million

July 2012

Undisclosed amount but Will Smith and Dwyane Wade were among the investors

December 7, 2009

No exact amount but they had proceeds in excess of $1.5 million

Why We Like Their Name

We can’t believe a sock company got $50 million in funding, but Stance is definitely a premium name. This name probably cost them upper five figures, and they’ve used the name like a champ. Comfortable feet, covered in the highest quality socks, can lead to great posture.

You have two main options when buying a domain name: hand registering one for $10 on Go Daddy (or a similar site) or purchasing a domain name from a domain marketplace like Media Plow. Yes, you will be spending more for a domain, but these aftermarket sites help you as a business owner. We know the business of domain names. We know what will appeal to both you and your customers. Purchasing a domain from an aftermarket is a boon. Here are some of the other benefits.

The Pinnacle of Domain Extensions: The Dot Com
When folks tell you that they own a website, they don’t usually include the extension. It’s understood that the extension is “.com.” Anything less than a .com isn’t worth it and everything for sale on a domain marketplace is a .com. You get quality over quantity and that quality leads to more business.

Good .coms Grant You Instant Credibility
Media Plow sells premium names and there’s a reason these names are dubbed premium. Premium domains are very catchy and tell consumers what the site does. Don’t believe us? did more cabinet business last year than their rival, the giant Home Depot, all because cabinets is their domain name. When you e-mail someone with your domain name attached, potential customers read your domain in each message, and a good .com will get you the traction you need to make a name for yourself.

You’ll find a large number of creative business domains on our site. These domains get more clicks, capture more new customers, and stick your domain name in consumers’ heads.

Don’t Waste Your Time
I’ve spent countless hours on Go Daddy, plugging in names only to find out that the name’s already taken. You’ll spend less time browsing a Media Plow and you’re guaranteed a good name that fits your business. I don’t know how many times I’ve given up on a name thread with Go Daddy, only to settle for a subpar name.

Don’t Settle for Less than the Best
More often than not when you search Go Daddy for a name, you’ll end up with your third, fourth, or thirty-ninth choice, and chances are that your thirty-ninth choice wasn’t nearly as good as your first. Media Plow can give you a homerun on the first try. You’ll find a name you want and one that you’ll be proud to own.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But if you’re serious about your business and domain, you owe it to yourself to check out what Media Plow has to offer.

Michael Krell, owner of Media Plow, has partnered with BrandBucket (the largest resource for finding brandable business names) under the BrandBucket Ambassador Partner Program. As a BrandBucket Ambassador, Krell will be afforded special perks and resources that will help him continue to give you, the Media Plow customer, stellar service. The BrandBucket Ambassador program is by invitation only. Each ambassador must exhibit the keen abilities to create great business names and to exemplify the BrandBucket message to future customers and partners.

“I have been very successful selling brandable business names on BrandBucket in the past year, so when BrandBucket approached me to become an ambassador, I was honored and excited at the same time,” says Michael Krell. “Our partnership awards me some privileges but most importantly a direct line of communication with the BrandBucket team to help us sell more names and gain more traction in the brandable business name space.”

Even though a large number of Media Plow’s domain names will migrate to BrandBucket, Media Plow will still serve as brandable business name marketplace and an information site for the domaining, marketing, and tech industries.

Media Plow wants to show how the world is being fed with With hundreds of trillions of dollars behind the farming industry, there’s plenty of food to share.

A site is as valuable as the consumers who use it, and you can’t find too many consumer bases larger than the farming industry. The United States rakes in $400 billion a year in agricultural ventures alone (statistics come from the United States Department of Agriculture {USDA}), but farming is a global industry where even a small island country like Taiwan can produce over 100 million tons of grain a year (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations {FAO})

But farming isn’t restricted to grains and vegetables. Meat production accounts for three of the top six United States farming industries (USDA), and the U.S. exports over $10 million of pork to Japan, Mexico, and Canada annually (FAO). Talk about bringing home the bacon.

You can see who’s bringing home the bacon on and stay abreast of all the new advances being made to feed the world.

You have a great product, done the ground work for your business, and you’re ready to go public, but you don’t know what to call your company. Finding a catchy name for your business can be an anxiety-filled experience, but there are guidelines for creating the perfect business name. Let’s start with what you should do when choosing a creative business name.


Pick a name that resonates with your customers

We know that you put in a lot of hard work and love into your company and products, but you can’t pick a name that only you can get behind. You need to share the love of your company by thinking about what your customers enjoy. Do this, and your passion will spread.

Pick a name that shows what you do

Your customers should know what you do at a glance from your business name. Very few companies can get away with choosing names that mask what they do. A business name like “Mixed Beans” would work for a coffee company, a bean outlet store or even a beanbag chair retailer, but “Mixed Beans” wouldn’t work for much else, even if your last name happens to be Bean. Your customers will ask you, “Where’s the beans?”

Pick a name that reflects your company’s values

Whenever possible, you should include one of your company’s core values—or at least imply something that your company believes—in your business name. Do you offer quick service? Use a word that flies. Do you focus on security? Let your customers know how secure your products are in your name.

Make a list of words with the above ideas in mind

Now it’s time to break out your thesaurus and cook a little word gumbo. Using the guidelines above, make a list of as many words that work for your business values, what your company does and what motivates your customers. Don’t filter this list. A word you don’t plan to use may lead you to the word you should use. Once you have a healthy list going, you can start to trim the fat, which leads us to our next item.

Play on a common phrases using these words

This isn’t always an option, but we’re sure you came across some words you’ve heard used together while compiling the above list. If it’s a phrase you’ve heard your customers use before, it’s definitely a safe bet for your company name. But you should consider twisting the phrase. English is wonderful for all the multiple words that sound alike but have different meanings: to, too and two; rain, rein and reign; carat, caret and carrot; real eyes, realize and real lies.

Keep it simple

Your customers shouldn’t need a decoder ring to figure out what your business name means and you should have a short name that’s easy to remember.

And now for the Don’ts.


Pick a name that only makes sense to you

Piggybacking off the decoder ring comment above, you shouldn’t use an inside joke for your business name. The idea of an inside joke is that it’s only funny to people on the inside and you want to be as inclusive as possible so you can attract more customers.

Pick a name on a whim

We know the process can be a difficult one, but you shouldn’t chose your name out of desperation or frustration. Take the time to get the right name for your business. You’ll thank us later.

Use acronyms

They used to be en vogue—IBM, 3M, TNT to name a few—but they’ve fallen out of favor. Acronyms don’t work as well as they used to because you often have to explain them and as mentioned earlier, you should keep it simple.

As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be ready to do the final steps required for obtaining your business’s domain name and social media accounts.

Finalizing your name on the internet

You should input your new name into search engines like Google and Yahoo! to see what kind of returns you get. You’d hate to own a shiny new name that’s similar to an unsightly site. After you finish this, type your new name with a .com suffix into your web browser to see if it’s available. Then, you should consult a lawyer and check out the name on, which lists registered domain names. Who Is can let you know of recently expired domains or if the previous owner of the domain violated a Google term and is now banned from Google searches. You wouldn’t want to buy a brand new domain that Google won’t search for.

If you still can’t come up with a great name, there’s always surfing the many, sparkling names on Media Plow. Check out our menu of catchy, creative business names.

Here are some links to other great articles about things to consider when naming your startup.


Almost two decades after the dot-com boom the “.com” generic top-level domain (gTLD) remains the most important, most used and often the most expensive gTLD to attain. Sure, you could call Debbie’s Books, “” or “.me” or “.pro” or “.name” or any of the other “.somethings” you may find out there, but decades of “.coms” have hardwired users to look for “.com” at the end of every website.

In fact, this new crop of gTLDs has made owning a “.com” even more important. There are so many of these new gTLDs that costumers get confused whenever they see them. Is it or debbiesbooks.bizz or debbies.books? People will assume your website’s name is, and you could be losing business to a competitor if you don’t have that .com. It would take many, many years and hundreds of millions of dollars to educate your consumers that your website is anything but

People associate “.com” with company. They see green when they read “.com,” while they’ll see fake, Monopoly money when they see most of anything else. Let your clients/customers know you’re serious about what you do with the credibility of a great .com.

And if you have the time, check out the great .coms here at Media Plow.