Farming a New Name

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Media Plow wants to show how the world is being fed with With hundreds of trillions of dollars behind the farming industry, there’s plenty of food to share.

A site is as valuable as the consumers who use it, and you can’t find too many consumer bases larger than the farming industry. The United States rakes in $400 billion a year in agricultural ventures alone (statistics come from the United States Department of Agriculture {USDA}), but farming is a global industry where even a small island country like Taiwan can produce over 100 million tons of grain a year (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations {FAO})

But farming isn’t restricted to grains and vegetables. Meat production accounts for three of the top six United States farming industries (USDA), and the U.S. exports over $10 million of pork to Japan, Mexico, and Canada annually (FAO). Talk about bringing home the bacon.

You can see who’s bringing home the bacon on and stay abreast of all the new advances being made to feed the world.

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