Funded Companies with Names We Heart #1

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Find My Audience

What They Do

Find My Audience empowers their users with a dashboard that makes social media and search engine optimization easy. Founded by writers who are also technology entrepreneurs, Find My Audience is uniquely qualified to aid authors and publishers, but they have plans to include musicians, filmmakers and artisans.

Funding Rounds

March 5, 2015

$1.4 million

February 2, 2015


October 10, 2014


Why We Like Their Name

Find My Audience does exactly what their name says; they find you an audience. This name also shows that you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to getting a name. It’s easy to remember, consists of only three words and reminds me of the retargeting company,


What They Do

Pressly does what it name suggests. When you think “press,” you think content. Pressly gathers content that’s perfect for your audience. You’ll find all the content you need at their hub. Establish your brand with this cutting edge, online platform.

Funding Rounds

March 4, 2015

$2.1 million

March 12, 2013

$1.5 million

Why We Like Their Name

We really like adding “ly” endings to names. With so many words gobbled up by companies, you need something short and sweet that you can add, which also lets your audience know what you do for business.


What They Do

The perfect socks create the best stance, and makes outstanding socks with the best fit and performance, built from the highest quality materials. They blend creativity and function with each pair of stellar socks.

Funding Rounds

March 5, 2015

$50 million

July 2012

Undisclosed amount but Will Smith and Dwyane Wade were among the investors

December 7, 2009

No exact amount but they had proceeds in excess of $1.5 million

Why We Like Their Name

We can’t believe a sock company got $50 million in funding, but Stance is definitely a premium name. This name probably cost them upper five figures, and they’ve used the name like a champ. Comfortable feet, covered in the highest quality socks, can lead to great posture.

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