Funded Companies with Names We Heart #3

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Mommy Nearest

What They Do
Mommy Nearest is a mobile community for parents and caregivers. They offer reviews and specifications for the best places to take children. Mommy Nearest boasts over 150,000 users and provides unique content and geography-based, word-of-mouth recommendations. Then, they add a parenting magazine to the mix and you have a potent helping hand for any parent or guardian who’s on the go. Think of Mommy Nearest as Yelp meets Parenting magazine.

Funding Rounds
March 20, 2015
$1 million

January 23, 2015
$1.5 million

February 1, 2012

Why We Like Their Name
Mommy Nearest plays off the term, Mommy Dearest. You get a good idea about what the company does, which is always a good thing for a name, and they didn’t have to break the bank in getting their domain.


What They Do
Have you ever had a problem trying to find someone to look after your four-legged friend? You won’t anymore. connects dog owners nationwide with dog lovers for hire. It’s a network that makes it easy for dog owners to reach dog sitters who offer in-home boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, and day care. Their sitters have a wide coverage (more than 92 percent of the United States population lives within a short drive of a Rover sitter) and each one gets graded on a five-star system.

Funding Rounds
March 19, 2015
$25 million

November 4, 2014
Undisclosed amount (but it included Petco)

March 12, 2014
$12 million

July 30, 2013
$3.5 million

April 9, 2012
$3.4 million

Why We Like Their Name
This name cost this company some money, but it was probably less than six-figures. When we saw it, we thought that they must do something with dogs, and they do. A good name should always hint at what your company’s about.

What They Do
Joyable provides an effective and affordable online solution for overcoming social anxiety. They use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that’s proven to reduce social anxiety. And since they’re an online company, they offer this service in a convenient and private setting. Joyable’s technology makes it easy for you to get started, and their coaches ensure that their clients succeed. Anyone is able to enjoy social gatherings with Joyable.

Funding Rounds
March 18, 2015
$2.1 million

Why We Like Their Name
We are a fan of adding endings like “able,” “ly,” and “sy” to a common word. Often, you’ll can get an easy to pronounce, short name that doesn’t cost a fortune—just like this name.

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