Funded Companies with Names We Heart #4

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What They Do
Tea Box sells tea—but not just any tea. They’re the only premium tea brand that delivers teas direct from the tea’s origin to the customers. They teams in the heart of most tea producing regions and ship the world’s freshest and finest teas, chosen by tea experts, to customers all over the world within 24-48 hours of production. With a selection of over 150 teas from over 75 different plantations in Darjeeling Nepal, Assam, Kangra and Nilgiri, you’ll find the perfect cup of tea.

Funding Rounds
March 24, 2015
$6 million

March 14, 2014
$1 million

Why We Like Their Name
Tea Box is short, simple, and says exactly what they do. There are a lot of successful startups with “box” at the end of their name (DropBox and BirchBox to name a couple) and box is a great name if your business model involves any kind of subscription service.


What They Do
Localytics brings app marketing and analytics together in one complete and powerful platform. Used in more than 32,000 apps on more than 2.3 billion devices, they help companies like ESPN, eBay, Fox, and the New York Times create unique app experiences that drive consumer engagement and loyalty. With this one solution, mobile marketers and developers can gather deep, actionable user insight.

Funding Rounds
March 24, 2015
$35 million

February 4, 2014
$16 million

September 10, 2012
$5.5 million

April 18, 2011
$2.5 million

May 10, 2010

Why We Like Their Name
We love the combo of local and analytics in this name. Again, people know what to expect from this company, and we’re pretty sure they were able to get this name for a reasonable price.


What They Do
StockFuse is a realistic virtual stock trading game platform that provides insights into your trading style, investment rationales, and behavioral biases. Based on an industrial-strength trading engine, their games can guide you toward a more effective portfolio.

Funding Rounds
March 23, 2015

Why We Like Their Name
We really like two word combinations for businesses because they don’t usually cost you a fortune and you can easily transmit the meaning of your company. StockFuse is a great example of this.

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