Funded Companies with Names We Heart #6

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What They Do
Money Stream is an all-in-one money management service that puts all the disparate and fragmented tasks associated with finances (banking, bill pay, record keeping, and payment schedules) and streamlines them into a single online service.

Funding Rounds
April 16, 2015
$3.2 million

Why We Like Their Name
It’s a nice combination of two words. Infinitely memorable, Money Stream does what the name implies, it manages your money in all its streams with one service.


What They Do
Founded by three New Yorkers, Shop Spring is on a mission to create the best mobile shopping experience by allowing their users to follow their favorite brands. You’ll know when the next big thing hits the stores and can snag your faves with the swipe of your finger.

Funding Rounds
April 16, 2015
$25 million

July 9, 2014
$7.5 million

Why We Like Their Name
Another easy to remember two word name, Shop Spring gets you jumping to your new threads and has enough hop in its step to make you think of something on the go. Perfect for a mobile device.


What They Do
Score Big stands out from the live entertainment ticket crowd by offering big savings on sports, music, and theater tickets. Every ticket on is below the box office price, guaranteed. They can offer these savings because the founders have backgrounds in the NBA, NFL, theater, and arts and they know how to find unsold tickets and pass savings onto you. Search their database of thousands of daily games and performances.

Funding Rounds
April 16, 2015
$7 million

October 28, 2014
$18 million

September 10, 2013
$10 million

April 20, 2011
$14.1 million

April 26, 2010
$5 million

March 1, 2010
$2.4 million

Why We Like Their Name
Yikes! Score Big is yet another two word name that’s radio friendly. You can’t mess up the spelling of this website and the name gives you a hint at what they do. We especially like it for a sports ticket box office.

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